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by Michael Shoup

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    Song-A-Week is a weekly video blog where I take submissions / ideas from readers of my blog and pick one [or a few] each week to write a song about. Viewers can submit ideas at http://blog.michaelshoup.com/submit, and a new song will be posted every Tuesday.

    Rough and raw, these are the songs at their core.
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Collateral 03:46
COLLATERAL I’ve got memories of this town From back when you were still around The friends that I lost And the missteps that cost me my pride I may not be a perfect man But at least I know who I am With all this tossing and turning From yesteryear’s learning inside CHORUS: I’ve got Collateral Damage So much more than I can manage Heart at the Helm But I keep washing over the side I don’t know what the plan is Just trying to find where my dry land is All open ended Except this unintended Collateral Damage From living my life My heart keeps looking like a travelogue Every time I start singing songs But all this rocking and rolling Helps me keep knowing I’m alive I can’t stay still This lack of motion keeps making me ill It’s something I gotta get through This life I woke up into is mine. CHOURUS x2
Mighty Fine 04:09
MIGHTY FINE I see it in a different light Different than I used to I've been living life in chorus And it brings me right back to you So tell me what I can do To get you on the line So I can say Hey Baby Is it just the wine Or did we give up something Mighty Fine I let you run your journey Like you said you need to But the words you said keep ringing How I'm better off without you Everyone keeps saying I've gotta give it time But I say Hey Baby Is it just the wine Or did we give up something Mighty Fine
Bigger, Better Soon I can feel the wheels rolling On 65 I've been waiting for the summer Just to feel alive Got no gas in my tank But I'm not afraid 'Cause the only way I move Is by a leap of faith Drive, until the sky turns blue Oh try, just gotta make a move Oh I'm alive, so what have I got to lose but Bigger, Better, Soon Got my head lights bright Cause' the road's not clear I leave the sun of yesterday In my rear view mirror And try as I might To pick up the pace The only way I move Is by a leap of faith CHORUS Speak up world, I wanna listen Tell me all that I've been missing SOLO CHORUS
/----------------------------------------------------------------/ SIMPLE THINGS Every day the same alarm But still it doesn't wake me A dead end job, so what's the harm Gotta find something to shake me around Never thought it'd be this hard When I was a child I miss those things I disregard Haven't been there for a while CHORUS: Like riding your bike down your childhood street And eating the things that you're not supposed to eat Whatever you do that makes you feel complete It's just the simple things Change my clothes, change my name Change my location But everything just felt the same It's a life of simulation Everyone's just running blind If only we would listen Take a breath and just unwind Find those pieces that we're missing CHORUS x2 /----------------------------------------------------------------/
LEAVE THE GROUND She tells herself this is the last time Like a hundred times before She builds a house and hides it inside But it keeps knocking down the door It turns her somedays into maybes It turns her maybes into doubt She runs away into tomorrow But today's her only one way out CHORUS: So, Take one step to the edge now Eyes closed, holding your breath You fall, you fall Heart pounds out of your chest but Can't stop, can't take a rest You fall, you fall down Can't fly until you leave the ground Paralyzed she keeps her feet down Afraid to let go of her pride She knows she's running out of time now Just gotta spread her wings and learn to fly CHORUS Can't fly until you leave the ground Gotta start out lost so you'll be found Can't fly until you leave the ground CHORUS x2
--------------------------------------------- IRONS IN THE FIRE I was running behind With my heart on the line But I was getting no where fast So many things to do To see it through Always afraid of coming in last It took so much time To get back in line And to find my melody But now the voice is here And I can hear it clear And this is what it said to me CHORUS: How you gonna get higher With all those irons in the fire How you gonna get higher With all those irons in the fire Every now and then I start back again And everything begins to unwind I stay up so late That I can't see straight Oh how could I be so blind Cause the road that I'm on Needs me to be strong Not living life this way But when it gets too dear The voice in here Just stands right up to say CHORUS How you gonna get higher With all those irons in the fire Gotta make your load a little lighter And cool those irons in the fire CHORUS ---------------------------------------------
------------------------------- HISTORY TRAIN Our story ends where I begin again I'm going it alone I'm fine Still navigating back to new and then Old memories come Crashing from behind Chorus: Now I'm back on track but it's not the same I'm haunted by my history train It's got speed and it won't leave me behind So somebody call an engineer Cause my ear's to the rail and all I hear's That wailing whistle blowing through my mind And it says I check the manifest for all my friends But I don't belong On this line And though the radio says clear ahead I'm firing up my engine For this climb Chorus x2 -------------------------------
Last Goodbye 04:11
------------------------------- LAST GOODBYE Nothing left to say All my reasons behind me So you go yours and I'll go my way Every step I seem to take Is further from where we begin And closer to I'll start again Chorus: So maybe life's not right For what this love has got in store One last goodbye Is all I waited for But I'm not anymore But I keep finding you in a memory All tied to Tied to the best pieces of me I always seem to play the fool And wind up broken hearted But I can't tell just where it started CHORUS Everyone keeps telling me The past is practice And I just can't keep killing time While I get past this Again CHORUS -------------------------------
------------------------------- THE BALLAD OF A NICE GUY It started out just being friendly Her heart was broke and I was being gentlemenly You're telling me he's so refined but You're aperitif and he's been tasting other wines So what then should I be For you to notice me Nice guys lose again Always hoping that she'll make the switch Polite guys never win Perhaps its time we learn to smack a bitch Take you to show, I'd buy you flowers I could sit and stare and listen to you talk for hours Write poetry for a song like this I like your company but still there's something that I miss So what then can I do To get it on with you CHORUS I've resolved to be more criminal less subliminal Beef my upper body cause that's what gets the hotties Never date less than two ladies Always leaving when there's babies Cause it seems like that's what I'm supposed to do CHORUS -------------------------------


released February 1, 2011




Michael Shoup Nashville, Tennessee

My mother calls me Michael. My friends call me Shoup.

A Songwriter, Storyteller, Pixel Manipulator, and Entropic Strategist, I make music and tools for others like myself.

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