Song For You

by Michael Shoup

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released February 8, 2012




Michael Shoup Nashville, Tennessee

My mother calls me Michael. My friends call me Shoup.

A Songwriter, Storyteller, Pixel Manipulator, and Entropic Strategist, I make music and tools for others like myself.

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Track Name: Closer
I've been walking in cirlces
'Round city squares
That's where you found me
So unprepared

I was only watching
For my next step
Checking my directions
For what's up ahead

But it was 17th and Pine
Where your deep brown eyes met mine
What could I do
But step to you

I'm getting closer
I feel the fire, the heat in your eyes
Getting closer
To ou
Getting closer
Heart's like a drum, we've only begun
Getting closer
To you, to you

Your name and a question
Hang in the air
Your smile and some laughter
Go and meet them there

We're speaking a language
We've never known
And suddenly I cannot remember
How it feels to be alone

It was farewell much too soon
Underneath that autumn moon
What could I do
But fall for you


So stay close
Keep our tempo in line
Don't let it drop this time
I've been waiting for a lifetime

Track Name: Highs and Lows
Highs and Lows

Standing up to the sound of choirs
You're walking down the aisle
To the hand of another man

You pass me smiling like a child
And though it burns my lungs
I bite my tongue and give you the best I can

Oh, never gonna let it show
Oh, it's better that you never know such

Highs and Lows
Watching as two lovers grow
But one love's blind
Highs and Lows
Waiting for those words to know
That I ran out of time

I Hear out loud the words avowed
Wishing they were mine
A one act Romeo
Waiting for your last line

Hallelujah, love is here
And as I join the chapel's cheer
I douse my fear with Holy wine

Oh, never gonna let it show
Oh, it's better that you never know such


I start to feel me breathing
As I stop to watch you go
I send up to the ceiling
All the lives I'll never know
I feel my heart is changing
As I watch you driving by
Come alive, come alive, come alive...

Not how the stories supposed to go

Highs and Lows
No more waiting just to know
It's time to come alive

So bring me back to life